Welcome to Nature Stories

Lectures, nature walks, and beach tours for Bonita Springs and South West Florida

My name is Derek de Witt. I am an ecological storyteller who has been educating people about biology and ecology for over 10 years.

I bring communities together through a shared appreciation of the natural world. At Nature Stories I offer both educational lectures and walking tours to help give an increased understanding of nature, with an emphasis on Florida ecosystems.

In-Person & Online Lectures

The world around us is an endless source of fascination. All sorts of interesting organisms and behaviors are going on right under our noses. Each lecture topic takes on one particular aspect of the world outside and discusses it in depth with a combination of scientific factual information and anecdotal personal experience, buttressed by visuals throughout. They are available either in-person at your community or online via Zoom.

Nature Walks & Beach Tours

What do your residents think of when they hear the word ‘nature’? For many, it evokes a distant, almost otherworldly idea of some unspoiled wilderness far away from where we live. However, there is nature that can be observed and enjoyed right outside our backdoor, especially here in South Florida, where our subtropical climate allows a wide variety of plants and animals to flourish. With these walks, I will help your residents appreciate the natural settings of Florida, including those close at hand.

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If you would like to schedule a tour or talk, or have questions about Nature Stories, you can contact me here.