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In-Person & Online Lectures

Residents of your community may wonder about the natural world. They see something different or odd and think, ‘Why’? This lecture series seeks to answer some of those questions. What is the purpose of certain behaviors? Why are some plants found in certain areas and not others?

These are on-site lectures at your community about various aspects of the natural world, with an emphasis on topics of local interest. They include discussions of different types of plants and animals and their importance to Florida ecosystems. Each lecture will consist of a Powerpoint presentation and take approximately one hour with additional time for audience questions. Below are some available lecture topics.

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all lectures are currently also available in an online format through Zoom.

Sea Turtles Dig the Dark

Why do sea turtles come up to nest at nighttime?

Have you ever wondered why most sea turtles come up to nest at nighttime instead of during the day? Do they really return to the same spot they hatched from? This lecture will explore the various environmental factors that contribute to sea turtle nesting behavior and what we can do to help ensure their continued nesting success on our beaches.

B-List Birds

Less conspicuous or less appreciated Florida birds.

Here in Southwest Florida, we have an abundance of bird life to observe and enjoy. Of these, there is a clear ‘A-list’: large wading birds like Great Blue Herons, Roseate Spoonbills, and Wood Storks, as well as birds of prey like Osprey, Bald Eagles, and the acrobatic Swallowtail Kite. This lecture will instead focus on the ‘B-list’, birds that are less conspicuous, less seen, or less appreciated, but still fascinating in their own right. Learn some tips and tricks for identifying these birds based on sight, sound, and behavior.

Amazing Epiphytes

Plants that grow on other plants.

In the natural world, there exist many hidden layers and interactions, only visible if you know where and how to look. This lecture will focus on one of those layers: the world of epiphytes. Florida is especially bountiful for these plants that grow on other plants, including such wonders as the ghost orchid. Learn about this fascinating world all around us, even our own backyards.

Living Dinosaurs

Animals that have changed little in millions of years.

Plants and animals often must compete to survive. If large environmental changes happen and a species cannot adapt quickly, it can go extinct. However, there are some forms that are so adaptable that they have changed little in millions of years. This lecture will look at some of Florida’s ‘living dinosaurs’ and why they are still around after so much time has passed.

Nature Walks & Beach Tours

People come to Florida for warmth, sun, and the beach and those living in your community are no exception. Our beautiful white sand beaches are one of the biggest attractions for both tourists and residents. These tours are an opportunity for your community residents to learn more about our beaches and what we can do to maintain them for future enjoyment, or a chance to observe wildlife right outside their backdoor.

These are walks of at least one hour duration, either along the beach or in your community. Each walk is unique, as the wildlife encountered cannot be predicted ahead of time. We will talk about what we see, as well as what makes the beaches or wildlife of Southwest Florida unique. Beach tours will commence either from the community’s beach access or a local and convenient public access point. Nature walks will begin at a convenient meeting point within the community.

Sunset Stroll

A walk at dusk observing wildlife.

Take a walk at dusk and observe the flurry of wildlife activity that occurs during this time of day. Watch flocks of ibises, as well as herons and egrets, fly overhead as they return to their roosting spots for the night. Get a chance to witness these birds as they settle down for the night.

Seashells and Shorebirds

A beach walk collecting shells and watching birds.

Come down to the beach for a pleasant walk collecting seashells and observing birds. On the way, we’ll talk about how Florida beaches came to be and what gives them their unique characteristics and charm. Learn about shells and beach wildlife along the way.

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